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Made To Last
Rev. Stephen Bond - August 9, 2020
Sermon #9 in the 10 part "Vintage Christianity Series". This week we look at James 5:1-12.
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It's All About Who?
Rev. Stephen Bond - August 2, 2020
Sermon #8 in the 10 part sermon series called "Vintage Christianity". Join us as we examine James 4:11-17.
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Why The Christian Life Doesn't Work Sometimes
Rev. Stephen Bond - July 26, 2020
Sermon #7 in the 10 part sermon series called "Vintage Christianity". In this sermon we explore James 4:1-11.
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The Principle Of Wisdom
Rev. Stephen Bond - July 19, 2020
In this message we will explore the principle of wisdom, found in James 3:13-18. This is sermon #6 in the 10 part sermon series called "Vintage Christianity".
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Changing Your Words
Rev. Stephen Bond - July 12, 2020
This is the fifth sermon in our series called "Vintage Christianity". Today we explore James 3:1-12 where he teaches us about the power and the danger of our tongues.
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Do Something Faith
Rev. Stephen Bond - July 5, 2020
As we continue in the book of James our text is James 2:14-26 we will examine how our faith is seen in and through our deeds.”
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No Favouritism
Rev. Stephen Bond - June 21, 2020
Sermon #3 in the 10 part series called "Vintage Christianity". Today's sermon text is from James 2:1-13.
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Being A Doer Of The Word
Rev. Stephen Bond - June 14, 2020
Sermon #2 in the 10 part sermon series called "Vintage Christianity". A Study of the Book of James.
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A Reality Check
Rev. Stephen Bond - June 7, 2020
This is the first sermon in a 10 part series called "Vintage Christianity." A Study on the Book of James. The scripture reference for this sermon is James 1:1-18.
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Hope Beyond The Unthinkable
Rev. Stephen Bond - May 31, 2020
Pastor Keith Deyo is our special speaker today. He shares how we can have hope during these unprecedented times.
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Whadday Know?
Rev. Stephen Bond - May 24, 2020
This is the final message in our series "Assurances." John wrote this book to believers to give them assurance in their walk with Jesus. God Wants You To Know That You’re Secure In Him; That He Hears Your Prayers; That You Can Be Good.
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3 Lessons from 10 Lepers
Rev. Steven Kooy - May 17, 2020
Pastor Steven from Geneva House Campus Ministries shares with us a relevant and timely message in the midst of this pandemic. When it seems like everything is out of our control, we can turn to the One who is in control.
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I am Accepted in Christ
I am Christ's friend
John 15:15

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Sunday Morning Worship Service
Sunday, August 9, 2020

10:00 AM  

Board Meeting
Monday, August 10, 2020

7:00 PM  
Regular monthly meeting for the Board of the Kingston West FMC at 7:00 p.m. This is a Zoom Meeting so please contact Pastor Steve if you need login details.

Online Prayer Meeting
Thursday, August 13, 2020

1:30 PM  
Come join us as we pray together for the needs of our church family and friends, our leaders and our country. The login information is in your newsletter or email Pastor Stephen for the details.