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1575 Woodbine Road

Kingston West Free Methodist Church

We are a group of people following Jesus. We come from Kingston and surrounding area, from all sorts of backgrounds and life stages.  We are open for in person Worship Services, Sunday at 10AM and following Public Health guidelines.  You can also join us on-line with the links further down the page. 

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What God Doesn't See In You
January 29, 2023
What God Doesn't See In You

Today is our final message in our New Years series, Discover A Brand New You. When God looks at you there are some things that He DOSEN”T see in You. Join us as we discover what those things are and how they impact our lives as followers of Jesus.

What To Do When Your Life Is A Mess
What To Do When Your Life Is A Mess

Everyone that I know well enough to know the details of their life... have at some point found themselves in a mess. Today we are going find some encouraging promises that will help you when you find yourself in a mess.

What's So Amazing About Grace
What's So Amazing About Grace

We’re in the second week of a series about grace, and my hope is that by the time we have finished this series, we’ll all have a firmer grasp on what grace is and how it works in our lives. The more we understand grace, the more we recognize how amaz

Say Goodbye To Guilt
Say Goodbye To Guilt

Today we are going to begin a new series called “Discover a Brand New You.” In this series we will learn or relearn the keys to “The Miracle Makeover” that God wants to perform in each of our lives. He does this through his grace. Today’s mes


What is happening at KWFMC

COVID-19 Updates

We are open for in person services following the local and provincial health guidelines. There is no need to pre-register and effective March 21 2022 Masks are optional.


7:00 PM
Kingston West Men's Discussion Group

Kingston West Mens Discussion Group Our new study is called Exploring Islam. Join us in person on Wednesday February 8 @ 7:00 pm at Kingston West.


Board Meeting

Regular monthly meeting for the Board of the Kingston West FMC at 7:00 p.m. This is a Zoom Meeting so please contact Pastor Steve if you need login details.


7:00 PM
Weekly Online Prayer Meeting

Come join us online every Tuesday at 7:00pm as we pray together for the needs of our church family, friends, our leaders and our country. The Zoom login information is in your bulletin or contact the church office for the details.



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