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1575 Woodbine Road

Kingston West Free Methodist Church

We are a group of people following Jesus. We come from Kingston and surrounding area, from all sorts of backgrounds and life stages.  We are open for in person Worship Services, Sunday at 10AM and following Public Health guidelines.  You can also join us on-line with the links further down the page. 

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The Journey Before The Journey

Sunday, December 5, 2021
The Journey Before The Journey
Today we will hear Mary’s story. Elizabeth and Zechariah’s story, as well as Jacob’s story. We will discover that God desires to use ordinary everyday people like you and I.

Service is at 10:00 am eastern
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First Things First
September 26, 2021
First Things First

This is the final Message in our series “The Business of Living.” This series has been about stewardship in all areas of our lives. This last message is the most important one as we look at the fundamentals of our relationship with God.

How To Act Your Wage
How To Act Your Wage

We look at some very practical advice from the Bible that will help us in managing our finances. What does the Bible have to say about budgeting, saving for the future, putting God first, avoiding debt and will money make me happy.

The Business of Living
The Business of Living

Today we will look at what God has to say to us about our jobs. Does your job provide for your needs. Does your Job give you opportunity to do good. Does your job give you a sense of fulfillment.

Managing Your Relationships
Managing Your Relationships

Today in our series The Business of Living, we will look at message 2. We will discover three key commitments when it comes to the people in our lives. 1. A Commitment to Loyalty 2. A commitment to Listen 3. A Commitment to Love


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